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The Groupon Guide to Mother’s Day Meals

Everyone here at Groupon loves their Moms, and we all have our own ways to make them feel special on Mother’s Day. To help spread the love, we’ve compiled our favourite Mother’s Day recipes and ideas to help spoil mom. From scones to smoothies, there’s something to tickle the fancy of Mom’s of every leaning. [...]

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African Tails – Our Donation

We recently collected money and donations around the office for African Tails and the other day we dropped it off! Today we got a lovely letter back from them… To all at Groupon who contributed to the donation to African Tails. On behalf of all the dogs awaiting their sterilisation and rescue from township and [...]

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The New Groupon South Africa Blog

The New Groupon South Africa Blog

Welcome to the new and improved Groupon South Africa blog    We here at Groupon South Africa’s Editorial Department have to decided to give the blog an almost-makeover. Though the layout is the same, all the content is fresh and you can expect some exciting happenings soon. If you have any questions or comments, or [...]

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