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Editorial Experiences a Deal


Editorial Experiences a Deal – The Dugout

 In our bid to ensure we’re bringing you only the best deals, the Editorial team has taken it on themselves to go out and experience some of the deals that feature on our website. This week, we visited The Dugout – a men’s barbershop.  This is what our editor had to say:  Situated near the [...]

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Editorial Experiences a Deal – Swordfern Emporium

We recently visited Swordfern Beauty Sanctuary in Harrington Street, Cape Town - a lovely space run by two sisters who have a passion for organics and beauty. See our video of the premises here One of our team members went down there for a exfoliation massage and this is what she had to say: Swordfern Emporium [...]

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Editorial Experiences a Deal – Baranapoli

Dedicated to ensuring our customers get only the best deals and experiences, one of our Editorial members visited Baranapoli  in Westport Square to see what they’re all about, and just how good their Favourite Pizzas and Pastas really are.  Any Favourite Pizza or Pasta at Baranapoli On Sunday, 13 April, I went for lunch with my [...]

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Editorial Tries Their Hand at Pole Dancing

Editorial Experiences a Deal – Pole Dance Cape Town

As part of our mission to ensure we’re bringing you only the best deals, each week, one of our Editorial members goes out on a recon mission to experience one of our partners. This week, one of our team members visited Pole Dance Cape Town to see what the Beginner’s Pole Dancing Class was all about. [...]

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