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Here at Groupon, not only are we dedicated to finding astounding deals for our loyal Groupies, we also love to give back. Over the past few years, we’ve run a variety of campaigns with charitable aims, and we’ve managed to produce some amazing results

One of our most successful campaigns was for rhino conservation. 

Our subscribers were asked to donate just R15 to 1%4 Wildlife, and with the help of the 1 500 Groupies who rallied with us, we managed to raise enough money to save three rhinos.

For African tails, Groupon once again held a civvies day and raised R1 609 the keeps tails wagging and bellies full at the animal shelter. Another R20 000 for Animal Rescue Organization.


But we’re not just here to help the wildlife.

The Santa Shoe Box campaign is a remarkable effort that aims to collect presents for children in need around Christmas and last year in December, Groupon employees pooled their resources and donated 30 boxes, brimming with toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothes, sweets, toys and educational items.


During an internal raffle, during which our employees haggled for the same awesome products we sell on our site, we managed to raise R3 000 for Matla A Bana, an organization against child abuse.


On Mandela Day, Groupon went all out and 15 employees spent an afternoon at Carehaven shelter with the women and children living there. Groupies paid to deck themselves out in their most fabulous casual clothes, and had a lucky-dip raffle to raise funds, which we used to provide 20 children’s bikes, educational books as well as necessities such as lines, blankets, food and pillows.




But this is just the tip of our charitable ice-berg, and as Groupon grows, so do our efforts to give back to our community. Keep an eye out for some of our future campaigns by following our Facebook page.

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