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Editorial Experiences a Deal – The Dugout

 In our bid to ensure we’re bringing you only the best deals, the Editorial team has taken it on themselves to go out and experience some of the deals that feature on our website. This week, we visited The Dugout – a men’s barbershop.

 This is what our editor had to say: 

Situated near the Bells Golf Course in the north of Cape Town is The Dugout men’s hairdresser. Decorated to suit its name and amply festooned with TVs displaying any sport you desire, The Dugout aims to be a man’s paradise.

I arrived early for my appointment and was greeted by a receptionist, who happily redeemed my Groupon and offered to get me my included drink: a choice of local beers was on offer, and I opted for the staple – a Castle Light. It was 11am after all. After a short wait in the dugout (The waiting area is a real bench like you would find alongside a pitch), further shortened by the entertainment on offer (Super Rugby), I was ushered to a comfortable barber’s seat and my treatment began.

After explaining what I wanted, and deciding on a sports channel of my choice for my station, the hairdresser began to speedily buzz and snip and comb away until I was trimmed and tidied to her and my satisfaction. This was all quite usual for me, and the novel experience was to follow. I was asked to move across to a low flat chair and rest my head over a basin to enjoy the hot water wash and massage included in the package. Finally, the pièce de résistance: a close shave and hot towel treatment. First, a tea tree infused oil is applied, followed by a steamed towel, wrapped over the entire face. Then, shaving cream is applied and work begins on a close shave. This is followed by a second hot towel, an after shave balm, and a cold towel. I was left feeling smooth-faced and refreshed.

The Dugout provides a range of services especially designed for men at competitive prices. Patrons can choose from a simple cut, to the full Hall of Fame package and are guaranteed to leave, as one customer described it: “feeling like a new man”.

To see the latest deal, click here or check out their website

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