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Happy Easter From Groupon Editorial

Many of use here at Groupon Editorial have fond memories of Easter’s past – hunting through the garden for eggs hidden behind bushes, or being told that we just missed seeing the Easter Bunny and running around to see if we could still catch him.

Of course, the Easter Magic starts long before the actual day, and for those of us with kids of our own to entertain, Easter is more about thinking of creative ways to hide eggs or entertain the little ones.

To make Easter just a little bit more special this year, we’ve created a book chock-full of exciting arts and crafts to give the little ones something to do, and also to help parents with creating special memories.

A letter from the Easter Bunny himself, a make-your-own-Easter-basket and a few other crafty art projects will ensure the little ones have a magical Easter this year.

Download the book here

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