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Editorial Experiences a Deal – Baranapoli

Dedicated to ensuring our customers get only the best deals and experiences, one of our Editorial members visited Baranapoli  in Westport Square to see what they’re all about, and just how good their Favourite Pizzas and Pastas really are. 

Any Favourite Pizza or Pasta at Baranapoli

On Sunday, 13 April, I went for lunch with my mother at Baranapoli in West beach – it’s located in a shopping centre which has a Spar, a post office, liquor store etc.

It was quiet and there were a few other patrons sitting outside the restaurant in the shopping centre’s foyer. We decided to sit inside next to the fireplace. There was some nice art hanging on the wall and the furniture and finishes were clean and minimal.

For the Groupon deal, there was a large selection of pizzas and pastas to choose from. My mother ordered a vegetarian pasta, and I ordered a vegetarian pizza which I made up with my own choice of ingredients.

The food came out smelling delicious of pungent cheese. It was a good meal and good value for money. I’d definitely recommend it to friends, and go there again.

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