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Editorial Experiences a Deal – Pole Dance Cape Town

As part of our mission to ensure we’re bringing you only the best deals, each week, one of our Editorial members goes out on a recon mission to experience one of our partners.

This week, one of our team members visited Pole Dance Cape Town to see what the Beginner’s Pole Dancing Class was all about.

Here’s what she had to say.



On Saturday, 29 March 2014, I did something that I simultaneously have been dying to do for ages, and was convinced that I would never ever do – I attended a beginner’s pole dancing class.

Though the general consensus about pole dancing seems to be rather negative, I’ve been hearing awesome things about how great the classes are for your core-muscles and general fitness levels and, given the fact that I hate the gym with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, I thought “pole fitness” might be just what I needed.

So on Saturday morning, I donned my shortest shorts and headed down to the Pole Dance Cape Town studio, slightly nervous but pretty darn excited.

The studio itself was easy to find, with a big BEGINNER’S POLE DANCING CLASS poster on the front of the building, and there were already a few ladies in the waiting room. We all had to arrive about 20 minutes before the class started to fill in some indemnity form, and though you’d think it would be awkward – none of us having attended a pole dancing class before, and the stigma being what it is – it was actually a really cool wait. We all chatted amongst ourselves, about our reasons for taking the class and what we were expecting.

The lady in the waiting room also regaled us with stories of her first class.


The Intro Class


Those not already wearing their shorty-shorts had a few minutes to get changed, and we entered the actual class – 13 poles dotted around the room, mirrors along the walls and a generally laid-back vibe.

After a warm-up, complete with jumping jacks, running on the spot and stretching out muscles I didn’t even know I had, we got introduced to some of the basics of pole dancing. There was a lot of laughter and general excitement going around at this point. We were taught how to hold the pole, where to put our hands, how to stand – and then we had to lift our legs off the ground while holding onto the pole and there was a moment of clarity, where all of us realised that this might be a bit tougher than we originally thought.

Our instructor, Mariska, was beyond friendly and helpful as the women – let’s put it nicely – flailed with their first few attempts. It only got more difficult – and more entertaining – from there.

The easiest thing we learned was how to walk around the pole in the “proper form”. Everything else, from the quintessential “fireman” spin to the seemingly simple “fairy walk” and the “body rolls” was intense. Holding yourself up on a pole and trying to convince your legs to leave the ground is not as easy as it seems. Halfway through the class, Mariska handed out little bottles of Dettol and water with towels for us to wipe down the poles to make sure we didn’t slip and slide everywhere – and that’s an important thing to note: your hands will sweat during the class and you need your hands to stick to the pole, otherwise you’re going to fall down.

For a full hour, we learned how to shake our booty, how to do a basic spin around the pole – not as easy as it sounds – and generally just had a good laugh.

All in all, the class was amazing and fun and exciting and challenging and a better workout than I’ve had in ages. I would definitely recommend it for anyone – no qualifiers: everyone with an open mind will have a blast at the Intro Class.


Editorial Tries Their Hand at Pole Dancing


The Aftermath


In the interests of full disclosure, and so you know what you’re getting into – for about three days after the class, muscles that I didn’t even know I had ached. I have bruises dotting my shins from knocking into the pole when I timed my spin wrong.

I also learned that I have the upper-body strength of a banana.




I honestly cannot recommend Pole Dance Cape Town highly enough. Yes, it’s a tough class and you’ll leave with bruises, but it’s so fun that you won’t care. You’ll wear those bruises with pride. Mariska was awesome – after the class, I stayed behind and she showed me some of the things she can do after two years of classes and wow – this woman can hold her body horizontal with nothing but an arm wrapped around the pole. It is fascinating and intense and will make you want to stick with it just so you can one day have that sort of strength.

The classes are amazingly fun and confidence-boosting and just… honestly, one of the best things I’ve done in a while.


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