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African Tails – Our Donation

We recently collected money and donations around the office for African Tails and the other day we dropped it off! Today we got a lovely letter back from them…

To all at Groupon who contributed to the donation to African Tails.

On behalf of all the dogs awaiting their sterilisation and rescue from township and street life – we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all for your extremely generous donation to African Tails. Donations are always very welcome and sincerely appreciated, as your valuable and ongoing support keeps us going as a welfare organisation, so as to continue providing our essential services. This donation will enable us to sterilise 5 animals, which will ultimately result in fewer animals being born into a life of suffering, neglect and abuse, and will also go a long way towards helping so many sick, neglected and abused animals that we help on a daily basis. Our work in the townships is never done and we rely solely on the goodwill of animal lovers such as yourself to continue our work. With your help we can continue improving the lives of many animals!

Because of your thoughtfulness:

A street dog or cat will have enough to eat tonight,
An abused animal will have a chance to find a loving home,
A cold and frightened animal will have shelter,
Many township dogs and cats will receive medical care,
A suffering animal will know that there’s at least one person in this world who cares,
A neglected animal’s life will be made easier because of you,
And we thank you for it.

For more information/updates on African Tails please visit or our African Tails Facebook page.

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